Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy your body undergoes huge changes to meet the needs of your growing baby. Massage can be used to help you adjust to these different stages.20160404_FionaGibb_142

I will work with you on an holistic level, helping to alleviate common issues arising during pregnancy; such as lower back pain, shoulder pain, nerve impingement and oedema.

As your body and mind adjusts to the different stages I will give you the time and support to be able to share your thoughts, and feelings.

Pregnancy massage can be used safely during your 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

Postnatal Massage

The time it takes to return to your pre-pregnancy state varies from woman to woman. Postnatal massage can help enormously to restore your body after pregnancy and the birth. As well as helping ease any aches and pains, it supports you through the changes a new baby brings to you, and your family.