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Returning to Massage – Re- opening 26th of April 2021

I’m so happy to be able to let you know that lockdown has been relaxed enough for massage therapists to return to work. Yes, that means I’m ready to welcome you back and to take appointments.

I have been very busy preparing for your safe return. There will be some changes in the process before and during each session, to help ensure both yours and my safety.

Treatment sessions will now be either 30 minutes or 45 minutes, as longer sessions can potentially increase the risk of infection.

  • Before you leave home, please check your temperature. Please postpone or cancel if you are experiencing any of these Covid-19 symptoms:
    • Dry cough
    • Temp over 37.8c
    • Loss of smell and/or taste
  • If you are a first-time client, your pre-session consultation will now take place via phone or video-conferencing rather than face to face. If you prefer I can email the consultation form. Please complete and email it back to me.
  • If you are an existing client there will be a short update consultation to see how you have been since lockdown and whether you have had any Covid-19 issues. This will also be done by phone or video-conferencing.
  • There will be a consent form to complete regarding exposure to Covid-19. If you are considered a high risk/vulnerable client, it may not be possible to treat you at this time. I can let you know these risk factors via email. I will assess each client on their own merit to decide whether or not to give therapy or not. Some clients may be asked for a referral from their GP.
  • All consultation and consent documents need to be signed and emailed back to me at least 24hrs before your appointment. If your forms have been completed via phone or video- conferencing, I will print them and you can sign them on the day of your appointment. Please bring your own pen.
  • During this Covid-19 pandemic I am not accepting on the day appointments. All appointments must be pre-booked by at least 24hrs.
  • It is recommended that you delay your treatment by 48hours after receiving the Covid vaccine.

Attending your appointment

  • Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible. If you have arrived by car please stay in the car and text me to say you have arrived. I will come and open the door for you. Please leave any unnecessary items in the car.
  • If you are walking text me on arrival. I will come and open the doors for you.
  • There are hand sanitiser stations at the front door, near the toilets, outside the treatment room and inside the treatment room.
  • Please don your face covering before entering the building. Masks can be provided and should remain throughout your appointment and not removed until leaving the building.
  • I will be wearing full PPE until the requirement relaxes.
  • Please wear easy to remove shoes as you will be asked to leave them outside the treatment room. Enter the room without touching anything.
  •  You will be given a container in which to put your clothes in when you undress. Please avoid wearing jewellery/watches as this will make the process simpler.

The Treatment Room

  • Please bring your own water.
  • The massage table will be thoroughly disinfected. The linens will be cleaned and changed between each client.
  • The room will be kept well ventilated.
  • Although it is nice to chat it has been advised to keep chatting to a minimal to avoid droplet formation. However I will still be asking for your feedback when necessary and I encourage you to let me know if you have any unnecessary discomfort or pain.
  • When the massage is over, please leave all the linens, towels, and mask on the massage table (unless the mask is yours). Put your clothes back on and exit again without touching anything.
  • You are welcome to use the bathroom and to wash your hands. there will be sanitising wipes provided. Please use these to clean toilet and taps before and after use.
  • There will be an approximate 30-minute gap between clients, to enable disinfection of the practice space, therapy table and equipment, hallways and bathrooms.


Ideally, payment should be made prior to your appointment via Direct Transfer. If this is not possible please put the correct payment in an envelope and leave it on the coffee table in the treatment room.

Should you contract the virus within 7 days of your treatment you must inform me as soon as possible. I am obliged to inform Test and Protect. I will, however, be contacting you within 7 days of your treatment to enquire how you are feeling after your massage and that you are well. (please refer to the Privacy Policy page on this site)

In Brief

Returning to massage after lockdown will be different, and it may all sound a little daunting. In brief, here are the differences:

  • There will be less talking.
  • There will be more washing and sanitising of hands.
  • A slight change to the amount of time on the table.
  • A bit more paper work for you and for me.
  • Following Scottish Government close contact guidelines I am only  able to spend limited time around areas in front of your face where splashes and droplets from nose and mouth may be present.
  • I will be able to massage your head and neck as long  as you are face down or lying on your side.
  • I will be wearing full PPE.

What won’t be different will be my commitment to you, and your health and wellbeing! I will be doing my very best to create a safe and stress-free environment in which you can relax and feel safe.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.