Case Study 3

Lucy first came to me when she was 30 weeks pregnant. This was her first pregnancy. She was suffering from lower back pain and sciatic like pain radiating down her right leg. She also admitted to feeling anxious about her baby and the birth.

During the consultation she confirmed that she was healthy and that her midwife was happy with her progress. I allowed my client the time to share her thoughts and feelings. I recommended that the most appropriate treatment would be to address her lower back pain and to look at her posture and breathing. I would also teach her relaxation techniques.

During her first session we implemented the side lying position. I began with rhythmical passive movements through the sheets. This technique induces a sedative effect. Lucy responded well and I felt her body relax. To help the muscles of the back release and relax I used deep sculpting and lumber lengthening techniques. Because  of the extra weight of the baby, Lucy’s Gluteal muscles and Piriformis muscles were very tight and painful. These muscles responded well to myofascial trigger point work. I ended the session massaging  Lucy’s abdomen. This encourages deep relaxation and pre-birth bonding; I was able to show her how to work her breath and use visualisation to connect her with her baby. She said these techniques made her less anxious.

Lucy realised how much better she felt after her massage and agreed to book in for fortnightly visits. These regular appointments enabled me to resolve any potential issues that arose during the remainder of her pregnancy. Lucy continued using the relaxation techniques I taught her  and also benefited  from attending yoga classes.

Lucy went on to give birth to a beautiful baby girl “Freya”. She was delighted how well the labour and birth had gone.

When Freya was 6 weeks old Lucy brought her along to my Baby Massage Classes. Lucy told me that as she had enjoyed  the “whole-body and mind” experience from her regular massage treatments that she wanted to learn how to use massage to sooth Freya and encourage her to relax.

All names have been changed for confidential purposes.