Case Study 2

Diane is a 53 year old self-employed cleaner. She contacted me to ask if I could help with her shoulder pain.

During the consultation Diane admitted to working 7 days a week and on most days she starts work at 6am. Her job is very physical and by the end of the day she is exhausted and in pain. Her pain levels increase towards the end of the day. She is also experiencing lower back pain. Diane’s range of movement and posture has been affected by chronic wear and tear on her body.

During the consultation and assessment, I discussed with her how her tensions and postural habits have developed gradually over time due to lifestyle and activities. We agreed an appropriate maintenance plan that would achieve the outcomes she desired. Diane agreed to make regular appointments; there would be a review after each session. This would enable both of us to see if the treatment I was delivering was working.

During the first month my client came once a week. At first my client found it too uncomfortable to lie face down on the treatment table. I adapted the massage so that she could sit on a chair whilst I worked on her shoulders and side lying position on the massage table. I used deep tissue, cross-fibre, trigger point work and passive movement over shoulders, neck, arms, upper back and hips.

I also observed  and assessed her posture. It was important to guide and teach her how to “self-correct” her posture. By working on correcting her posture, it helped her reduce musculoskeletal and physiological discomforts. I also gave Diane instruction on how to use exercise and stretches, to reduce her pain and release tight muscles.

Diane now comes for her massage every three weeks. She told me by committing to her regular maintenance massage sessions it has helped her to continue working. She says that massages have made her more aware of her body and how (on most occasions) to adapt her work/schedule to maintain her health and energy levels.

All names have been changed for confidential purposes.