Case Study 1

86 year old Mrs E contacted me after falling and hurting her arm.

Mrs E had received physiotherapy after her fall, but felt she would like to see if massage could help with the pain.

During consultation Mrs E was able to describe her level of pain, where it was located and demonstrate her restricted movement. Mrs E was unable to lift her arm above shoulder  height without suffering pain.. “I am not able to use my right arm to get food from the top shelf of the fridge”.

During the consultation and with my client’s consent we agreed that I would make fortnightly visits to her.

The first and subsequent sessions took the form of assessment, observation and palpation of the muscles of her arm, neck and shoulders.

By Mrs E’s third session she was starting to get more movement back in her arm. She reported that she was now able to reach the food on the top shelf of the fridge without experiencing pain.

I have continued to visit Mrs E and her progress has been positive. she now experiences less pain in her arm, shoulders and neck. her range of movement has also improved considerably. she also finds the treatments to be very relaxing. At the end of each session she tells me she feels “like a new woman”.

All names have been changed for confidential purposes.