Benefits of baby massage

“Infant massage is communication through loving touch”

Benefits of massage include

  • Bonding- It’s a pleasure-filled time between parent and baby. This gives the baby emotional security.
  • It gives parents confidence
  • Learn to communicate with your baby through watching and listening to your baby’s cues. Your baby will also watch and listen to you, building a bond and trust that you will both take through life.
  • Colic/constipation- Regular abdominal massage can relieve constipation. The massage strokes benefit the digestive system. With the movement of gas, colic can be lessened. The massage helps parent and baby to relax and any pain and tension can be reduced.
  • Restlessness- Massage may help soothe and comfort infants as they become used to the massage.
  • Relieve pain and discomfort- e.g. colic, teething. Pressure impulses reach the brain quicker than pain impulses. Massage produces endorphins, the body’s own natural painkiller.
  • Strengthening primary systems- massage helps to strengthen and regulate the baby’s primary system e.g. circulatory, nervous, digestive and musculature.

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